Do you love to use SMS ?

Then get maxTEXT !

Product Description:

maxTEXT is the first Palm and Smart-Phone-targeted SMS- and Dialer-Software that integrates an effective, elegant and productive way of Contact-Management and Highend-SMS-Text-Processing.

Comprehensive SMS-Text-Functions are implemented as well as Communication-Tools for smart and easy Call-Back + Dialer-Features so that maxTEXT is targeted to run on Bluetooth Devices like the Tungsten T as well as on all Palms with an Infrared-Port and on native Smartphones like the Handspring Treo.

There is no easier and more efficient way to create, process and reply to text-messages and have them automatically archived and synched to the PC-Desktop.

maxTEXT is able to store all Messages in Memopad-Entries cc at the PC for further processing, it allows to generate Messages to entire Groups with 10 autostored independent autonomous composed Groups.
All desirable and important Text-Messaging Features like Delivery Reports and Signatures are supported.

The User is able to configure the Startup-View, language specific Special Characters like Umlauts etc. are seamlessly integrated, Names and Numbers from incoming and outgoing Messages are resolved and processed with the internal Palm-Addressbook and Communication via the Infrared-Port runs without any need of phone-specific drivers - thats why maxTEXT nicely teams even with "exotic" (in lesser numbers sold) Infrared-Enabled Mobiles.

The large feedback + wishlist giving User-Base has had major influence on its todays design, features and functions.

Get the max from your TEXT-Messages !


The Top Features are:

  • with Infrared- and Bluetooth- Support for the Tungsten T, T2 T3, C and the SDIO Bluetooth-card
    and for all PalmOS Devices with Infrared-Port and PalmOS 3.3 or higher
  • for Smartphones like the PalmOne Treo 600+650 GSM with the separate available package called maxTEXT TE ( = Treo Edition )
  • with Group-Messaging via 10 autonomous individual autostored Groups
  • has Seamless "Endless" Messages up to Palms Clipboard Size
    (about 1000 chars) - by SMS !
  • has a smart Callback-Dialer for Voice-Calls
  • does Auto Sync + Archive Messages to your Memopad in PC-Desktop
    Easy re-use them in other PC applications
    (Trick is: - no Special Conduit is required)
  • sends SMS or Dials to all every Mobile Number from your Palm-Addressbook with a simple Touch of a Button
  • builds a Friends / Buddy-List, has Signature-Functions + Quicktexts
  • allows to use your SMS-Texts via Clipboard in all your Applications or even to create SMS on your PC or Mac and sync them to your Mobile or Smartphone
    (no additional or extra-drivers required)
  • takes Seconds to Learn, Intuitive Designed Interface
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